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Author in Boesmansgat

Joseph Emmanuel has been a technical diver and instructor for more than 14 years and a member of two teams of extreme deep/cave divers for most of that time. He now lives in Perth, Australia with his family and still enjoys diving as much as possible.

His other hobbies include cycling and running and playing a bit of guitar from time to time. He’s also been know to build the odd website or two. 🙂

In the foreword of my book Nuno Gomes, 4 time Guiness Book record Holder, describes the author as follows;

“Fourteen minutes to descend, thirty-one decompression stops to look forward to. My first decompression stop was at 190 metres my first support diver only met me at 120 metres. I had to endure twelve hours and twenty minutes of decompression in rough seas. In the end I had done something no one else ever had. I’d dived to 321.85 metres on open circuit scuba and returned to tell the tale. In the process I’d breathed 90,000 litres of gas had 15 backup divers working in relays to support me.

This is the incredible place that over twelve years of ever deeper cave diving and exploration had brought me and my dedicated support team. I have seen the author of this book go from a novice open water diver to become one of the most experienced technical diving instructors in South Africa. Joseph Emmanuel was with me for almost all my record breaking dives over the years.

This book is his personal account of those expeditions.The book is about more than just diving. It’s about trust, and friendship, and faith in other people’s ability. It’s about determination to see a goal achieved. It’s about relationships and communication, logistics and planning. It’s about a journey that began more than ten years ago and a destination that as explorers we will never really reach. “

– Nuno Gomes