C. H. Blickenstorfer, Rated 4-Stars on
“Highly recommended for anyone interested in the intense world of extreme diving. ”
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Celeste Louw (Reader): Rated 4-stars on
“Joseph gives insight into the technical aspects of cave diving but more than that tries to answer the question, “Why would you want to do that?”…. amazingly detailed accounts of various world record dives, close-calls and tragedy are spellbinding…. shows how “ordinary” people can achieve extraordinary things. Unpretentiously told and definitely worth reading.”

Mike (Reader & Technical Diving Instructor) : Rated 5-stars on
“Insider View”
“…… Reading the book reminded me that the divers who set the records did not act alone. They were supported by a number of extremely talented and dedicated individuals, who often carried out support tasks involving dangerous dives and situations. ….Joe also reminds us that the record dives are not just chance, or “spur of the moment'” – they are precisely planned and carried out.

I would recommend this book to anyone considering involvement in deep diving or cave diving – the human component makes the text a worthwhile companion to the technical manuals found in the standard course syllabi. ”

Jill Heinerth (Reader & Technical Diving Instructor) : Rated 4-Stars on Amazon
“….a fitting book for someone intrigued by motivations in technical diving… book also offers an interesting look into the development and learning curves experienced by a team that was finding their own way in technical diving….As I progressed through the book, I got more swept up in the story. It is mixed with triumph and tragedy…..will force any reader to look at their own motivations for pushing the extremes in diving and ask, “is it worth it?”

Lovan Chetty (Reader & Diving Instructor) : Rated 4-Stars on Amazon
“… a great read for anyone that has an interest in diving, exploring or learning about some of the more unknown parts of South Africa.”

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